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Raise resources (cash and in-kind gifts) to directly benefit the children. The orphanage is administered by The Sisters of the Miraculous Medal who, with our help, provide:

  • Primary and secondary education
  • Life skills to ensure the children become self sufficient
  • A safe environment
  • Food, clothing, shelter and medical care


  • A safe, positive environment where the children have the opportunity to experience their unique cultural heritage
  • An education that allows the children to live full and productive lives
  • The caregivers who interact with the children
  • The benefactors who make this effort possible


  • Our sole purpose is to help the children of the VinhSon Orphanage
  • Successfully integrate the children into the Vietnamese society while being mindful of the political and cultural realities
  • Our focus will be from a humanitarian perspective
  • Funds and in-kind gifts will only benefit the children and their caregivers
  • Executive Board Members, Board of Directors members, and Members at Large will endeavor to expand membership and increase funding
  • Distribution of funds will be at the direction of the Executive Board and Board of Directors
  • These principles drive every decision



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Vinh Son Orphanage Facts

Population - more than 830 Montagnard children in seven facilities.

Administered by the Sisters of the Miraculous Medal.

Location - Kontum, Vietnam (The Central Highlands)

About $12 feeds, shelters, and educates one child for a month.

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