1. Children at Vinh Son 1 and 2

 Photo Essay on the Vinh Son Orphanages

A Snapshot in Time - October 2008

The orphans and caregivers of Vinh Son form a unique family.  Although it isn't the traditional, nuclear family the children might wish for, there is an undeniable sense of community.  Older children care for and guide the younger children, while everyone pitches in to do their part. 

When they are old enough to attend school, the children not only gain an education, but are also taught skills which allow them to become self
sufficient, well rounded adults.

The Sisters of the Miraculous Medal dote on the kids and moments, as simple as coming together on the front steps of their home, strengthen their bonds to one another.  Rustic living conditions are taken in stride because it is all they know, and when good things happen, everyone enthusiastically and genuinely counts their blessings.

Vinh Son 4

As a result of their time at Vinh Son, some of these youngsters could one day become caregivers themselves, ensuring that a child of poverty has loving care, nourishing food, and a place to call home.

East Meets West Dental Mission

Due to the generous support of FVSO‚s benefactors, and our collaboration with other charitable organizations (Friends of the Central Highlands & the East Meets West Foundation), the orphans of Vinh Son are beginning to receive dental care and are learning the importance of oral hygiene.  As they leave the dentist‚s chair for the first time, their quiet pride and confident smiles reassure the next in line until, one by one, each child is evaluated, treated, and educated.


Life at Vinh Son is a melting pot of ancient ethnic, cultural, and agrarian lifestyles that exist on the periphery of today‚s world.  Our children are afforded every opportunity to experience their heritage while blending in and enriching their lives with health care, education, and some modern conveniences.  It is our fondest hope that they retain their unique identity as they find their place in 21st century Vietnam.

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